High Quality Spa Cover


Custom Colors – Choose from an assortment of colors to fit your style, at no additional cost

Outside Rubber Handles – Ergonomically shaped for an easy grip, rubber handles are placed at the front and rear side of each cover.

3-Year Non-Prorated Warranty – Sunstar stands behind their products, both in materials and workmanship.

2-Inside Nylon Handles – Visible when you open the cover, these handles are off-set for easy cover moving, both inside and outside the spa.

UL Classified to meet ASTM safety standards – Since 1993 Sunstar has been producing spa covers that meet the highest standards set by the industry. No other company can make that claim.

Impulse Heat Sealed – Just as important as the core wrap is a perfect heat-seal seam. After wrapping our Dura Foam Cores in the best material available (Antaeus 2000 Moisture Barrier), we utilize a state-of-the-art impulse heat-sealing process. Using the right combination of temperature, pressure and time, our 8′ sealing bar provides the tightest seam possible. Unlike less expensive hand-held sealing machines, all human variables are eliminated so your cover gets a perfect seal every time. Only then is a strip of plastic tape used to hold the end-flap in place and cover the seam.

Marine-Grade Virgin Vinyl – The outer vinyl “encasement” must be of the highest quality to ensure long life and stand up to seasonal extremes in both heat and cold. Our covers are made from Marine-Grade Virgin Vinyl which contain durable polyester fabric reinforcements, along with mildew and UV inhibitors, to provide overall longevity and year-round beauty. Some companies utilize cheaper re-grind formulations to scrimp on the plasticizers that keep vinyl flexible. Our material maintains the flexibility to stretch with the core and won’t fail at points of stress where less expensive vinyl shrinks.

Highlights of Our Virgin Marine Grade Vinyl

easy-spa-parts1– Polyester Fabric Reinforcement
– UV Inhibitors
– Ultra Violet Stabilized Pigments
– 1500 hours of UV testing
– Mildew and Fungus Inhibitors
– Cold Cracking Freeze Resistant To -20 Degrees Fahrenheit
– Easily Cleaned With Soap and Water

Flat-Edge Seam – While a raised bead at the edge of your cover might look nice, it’s a great place for water to pool and destroy the seam. Our smooth edges let the water run off completely for a longer lasting, cleaner looking seam.

Full Length Heat Seal Gasket – The most common places to “leak” heat are at either end of the cover hinge or along the hinge itself. Most covers compensate by using only a small pad at either end. Our covers include a 1 3/8″ full-length heat seal to prevent leak points all along the hinge, not just at the ends. This saves heat, energy and money.

4.25″ Protective Skirt – Long enough to cover the spa shell, the skirt helps keep heat in, and dirt out. Our skirts are double stitched along the cover for extra strength.
1.5 lb. Dura Foam Cores – We employ the strength of 1.5 lb Virgin Dura Foam Cores and while many competitors use regrind in their foam cores to save them money, we use only virgin foam cores to save you money. (1.0 or 1.2 lb. cores, while less expensive, are weak and we refuse to offer them.

Highlights of Our Dura Foam Cores

– Strong, light weight, easy to handle
– 1.5 lb Standard core density

Tie Down Straps – Triple-reinforced straps secure the cover to the spa cabinet at each corner.

Tapered Foam Cores – We taper our foam cores from 4″ to 2.5″. This keeps them strong, light, energy efficient, and provides quick water runoff (reducing water puddles on your core).

4-Locking Safety Clips – 2-part safety clips open with the simple push of a button so it’s especially good for anyone with strength or dexterity limitations, but not too easy for young children.

Antaeus 2000 Vapor Seal – Every foam core is wrapped in a sheet of plastic to prevent it from absorbing water and becoming heavy. Over time, heat and steam conspire to break down this wrap. Lower quality covers utilize less-expensive, off-the-shelf plastic wrap. Our Antaeus 2000 is a specially formulated plastic developed to inhibit moisture absorption and keep your cover lighter, longer. (Consider double wrapped cores as an upgrade for even more protection.)

Double Laminate Poly Bottom – Mildew resistant 11 oz. double laminate vinyl with polyester reinforcing scrim. Resists cold cracking to -40 degrees. This material is so tough we use it throughout our cover at many points requiring internal reinforcement.

Tough and Sturdy Hinge – Our Tough & Sturdy hinge has four layers of vinyl for added strength at this high-stress area. When put to the test using a robotic arm, the cover was lifted on and off over 6000 times – with no discernable wear to the hinge.

Low Profile Drain Grommet – Industrial grade nylon with a low profile that won’t corrode or scratch the spa. Placed on the underside of the cover so water can drain between the vinyl encasement and the foam core.

28 Points of Internal Reinforcement – Every stress point is reinforced. This includes the hinge, handles, straps, corners and skirts. Some points have as many as 4-layers of reinforcement.

#7 Polyester Zipper – We use a true #7 size heavy-duty, corrosion resistant nylon zipper.

Quality Fit and Finish

Full Length Zipper Protection – Protects the zipper and helps keep moisture from being absorbed into the cores.

Galvanized, Reinforcing Channel – Provides strong support across the center of the hot tub cover. Adds strength and reduces premature cracking of the cores.

Hidden Zipper Pull – Protection – The zipper pull is neatly tucked away into its own pocket. This not only protects the zipper but adds a quality, finished appearance.

2 – Outside, Padded Vinyl Handles – With five layers of internal reinforcing, our handles are engineered for strength where it’s needed most. And, unlike other hot tub covers, they contain foam padding inside for a longer life and greater comfort when lifting. Handles are conveniently placed near the center of each end.

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